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BMW E39 520 A1 Turbo kit

16 440,00 kr

Autobahn A1 Turbo kit
For BMW E39 520
Boost: 0,6bar Horsepower: 240hk (Ome150hk)
Torq: 275Nm ( Ome195Nm)

BMW E39 520 A1 Turbo kit

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16 440,00 kr

NOTE These parts are specially ordered and manufactured to order so it is no return on these special parts. Any modification of the original engine carries a risk that one must be well aware of. All power figures are approximate and may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

We sell these kits with or without assembly and dyno testing.
With installation, we do all the work so as welding, assembly, installation of control systems, mapping and you get all paper on which power and torque it will provide real and optimized just for your car's conditions.

The basic kit is a tune kit or "do it yourself kit" in which the user can arrange all the work.

-With These kits, your original exhaust levels remain unchanged, however these are not TUV approved.

The kit is developed so you do not need to compromise on anything in your original car but can have everything intact despite the fact that we install a completely separate standalone control systems so this will not affect any functions and the car is fully resettable.

Info on the Autobahn A1 turbo kit.

Autobahn turbo kit is for those who want to get out cheaply. This kit is the cheapest complete kit on the market. There are cheaper kits but then is not everything required to make it work. This kit however is quite complete installed and ready.
This is a basic kit that can be subsequently develop without changing any of these components, but only to bring more parts to charge more and thus get more power. A1 is upgradeable from step 1 to step 2

We recommend having the strongest terms that, in conjunction with Turbo conversion also upgrade the brakes, original brakes are not adequate for the new engine power.

Always put safety first!

Stage 1 kit includes the following:

MaProg 1:1,4
Autobahn T3 / T4 T3 Turbo. Sleeve bearing.
SBP Filter.
Autobahn hoses.
Autobahn turbo oil kit.
Autobahn Crankcase ventilation hose.
Autobahn Intercooler.
Autobahn silicon connections.
Zeber stainless steel hose clamps.
Autobahn turbo gasket kit.
Autobahn manifold gasket kit.
Autobahn exhaust gasket kit.
AGM 2.75 "downpipe.
Autobahn pressure pipe bends.
Autobahn Forge ST1 Dumpventil.
Autobahn manifold *.

Stage II includes:

    Link G4 + Storm ECU control system.
    Link harness.
    MAC boost pressure steering valve
    Coils NGK
    Ignition wiring harness.
    Bosch 875CC injectors.

* 1 = This mapping is produced specifically for your engine and its prerequisites. The effect is measured in a Dynojet 424Lc2Linx that simulates highway driving and optimizes your engine modification and fit software together.

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Artikelnummer 05bmske39-A1520
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