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Spacer Plates bolt on

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Custom spacer according to your wishes and measurements.
Are finished dimensions as listed below.

Price per 2 pcs The price includes stud in compressed, not bolt

Spacer Plates bolt on

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"Bolt on" spacers used to replace bolt pattern, but also to just move out existing rim at least 20mm, in some cases 18mm. Bolt pushed in from the rear of the spacer, which fits into the new bolt pattern or the existing one. Covered dome nuts or open nuts are used to mount the rim. Instead of the stud can get threaded holes in the spacer plate and use wheel bolt to the mounting of the rim.

Should be mounted on a thin "bolt on" spacer at eg 20 mm, so the car's studs that protrude outside the spacer. Most of the original stud bolts protrudes 25-30mm, some even longer, and then the rim having recesses / pits / cavities on the contact surface on the inside rim of the bolt holes. There are no recesses in the rim must cut off the car's stud, or drill small recesses if there is enough material in the rim to it. A third option is to make the spacer wider so that the stud is covered, but then of course be enough room left towards the edge of the screen.

This also applies when the car has lug bolts. Then the bolt head to protrude outside the spacer a little bit. This can easily be solved by mounting the wheel bolts which have extra low skull and can fit in a 20mm spacer.

If you buy a wider spacer of about 25-30mm can often use the car's original bolts or nuts to attach the spacer.

The spacer always manufactured with internal & external navcentrering. In some cases, you can only have internal navcentrering due. To bilnavet protrudes far. When done centering using the nut cone, which also makes the original on such older Chevrolet and Ford models. It is mainly the newer cars that are very sensitive and can get unbalanced if the centering is perfect.

Naturally we produce all spacers with exactly the right Hub controller versus rim center to achieve a perfect balance! In cases where it is only possible to have internal navcentrering due. To bilnavet sticks out too far, or the spacer is for tun, takes place centering using the nut cone.

We simply provide the information we need to produce your particular spacer plate, the only thing we need to know is car make and car model year as the rim belongs, and model year of the car rim must sit on.

Do you miss these tasks, we need to know the following:
Navmått & Navutstick the car
Centre hole (rim)
Wheel bolt or nut
What kind of thread? (7/16 ", 1/2", M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M14x1.5)
ET car
ET rim

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