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Spacer Plates

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Custom spacer to your specifications and dimensions. Is finished dimensions as listed below. Price for 4 st

Spacer Plates

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Have you found good looking rims that do not fit in your car. By means of spacers can be used wheels of another brand of a new bolt pattern.

 Or do you just move out of your existing wheels relative to the screen edge? Then the solution spacers. In addition to spacer plates can give your car a tougher and more correct appearance, they can also contribute to a better road holding.

 Of course, we manufacture all spacers with precisely the right navstyrning versus wheel center to achieve a perfect balance! In cases where there is only going to have an inside navcentrering due. bilnavet to protrude too far, centering occurs by means of nut cone.


 We simply provide the information we need to make your spacer plate, the only thing we need to know the make and car model that belongs to the rim, and model year of the car rim to sit on.


 Do not have this information we need to know the following:


 Navmått & Navutstick on car
 Arbor (rim)
 Wheel bolt or nut
 What kind of thread? (7/16 ", 1/2", M12x1.25, M12x1.5, M14x1.5)
 ET vehicle
 ET rimÅngra ändringarna

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